Hometown Colvin Family Admirer

On this two year anniversary of the passing of Marie Colvin, I am moved to pay tribute. This present day rocked me and lulled me through the bucolic roads of what is beautiful Oyster Bay – East Nowich; home of the free and land of the brave.

I had the privilege of bringing my 86 year old Mother to historical Plantinfg Fields Arboretum. My 15 year old daughter more than accompanied me. We enjoyed the camellia exhibit. Free parking, free admission, free smiles for the taking in the beautiful sunshine. No one had their hand out, and if a hand was out it was in comraderie. Can I be of help? This was me last year. I remember when. Been there. A telling tale in each kind face. They too had paid homage to their aging, ailing parent. They held back their pain for me as they know what lies ahead. They reached out their helping hand in a show of solidarity.

By 5:00 this evening the winding roads lead me to childhood parish of St Dominic Church in Oyster Bay. Just before entering the church for mass I put my arm on the shoulder of a familiar woman. Mrs. Rosemarie Colvin smiled at me and mouthed my name as I reintroduced myself. She was quick to let me know that today was the anniversary of her daughter Marie’s death. I was at a loss for words. Mrs. Colvin had been one of my student council advisors in high school. I fumbled momentarily and than assured us both that we were both meant to be at this mass.

Mass was beautiful. The homily inspiring. The songstress divine. Her rendition of Ave Maria pierced the soul. Mass ended to the strains of “Let There Be Peace On Earth”.

Let there be peace on Earth. The peace that was meant to be. And let it begin with you and me. As was the vision of Marie Colvin and as was taught to her by her mother, Rosemarie Colvin.


Love to you Cat. Always. Martha