Vice President of BOYCOTT Sri lanka – US Tamil Political Action Committee

Oh Marie Colvin, noble daughter of this Nation,

So many stayed out of conflict zones less newsworthy,

Yet you , trekked the no-go zones in Sri Lanka;

“Journalist!” you shouted, the government grenade their response

Blinding your left eye, for speaking the truth of Tamil misery;

You refused to fake an eye, choosing to wear a black patch

Your devotion to Truth and true journalism, did not have a match

Transcending barriers you negotiated surrenders

But In the killing fields of Sri Lanka, Tamil white flags were blood splattered.

Then the Arab Spring, too hard to resist, and off you went

To witness the pangs of humanity and powers of insanity,

The “free world” media that ignored your Sri Lankan reports

Now paid accolades for your reports on Syrian location

Sri Lankan war criminals took out your eye,

Syrian despots snuffed out your life,

You witnessed last gasps of innocents,

Your courage immortalized the victims.. , Oh Marie.

How can we thank you?…

From the hearts of the Tamil people .. with deep felt gratitude

via Dr E. Shander