Photojournalist Alexandra Avakian recalls friend and mentor

Dear family of Marie,

Marie was my mentor and close friend from 1988-1996, after which I stopped photographing conflict after shattering my knee on assignment.

She was wonderful in so many ways. We had recently found each other again.

I’m so sorry she did not meet me in Oman for a story I asked her to join me on about sailing there.
I wrote this a couple days after her death:

“I am utterly sad that my old friend, mentor, and traveling companion of days gone by — the legendary war correspondent Marie Colvin — has died under fire in Homs, Syria, while reporting for the Sunday Times of London, her newspaper. I owe her undying gratitude for her influence on my career early on, and our unforgettable times together: especially in Tunis, Libya, Iraq, Iran, Jerusalem and the West Bank. We recently spoke of meeting in Oman soon. I’m so sorry. Love to you Marie.”

You may also want to read my blog post for Oct. 20, 2011, with a story about me and Marie, flying into Libya on Yasser Arafat’s plane and meeting with Colonel Qaddafi. See also our New York Times Magazine cover story for that journey, which was our first together.

Thank you, Alexandra Avakian