Kosovo to Homs, via Vanni

On behalf of all Tamils from Eelam, condolences to Marie’s mother, family and friends.

Marie was not an average journalist; she was brave, full of humanity and always reporting from the “other side,” else whe would have ventured into conflict areas such as Chechnya, Kosovo, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka and East Timor. In doing so she put her life at great peril. Losing her left eye due to a blast by a Sri Lankan Army soldier while crossing from the LTTE controlled area to a Government controlled area did not deter her. She tried to mediate the surrender of senior LTTE personnel, but it ended in tragedy with them being murdered in cold blood. Today, the Sri Lankan government stands accused of human rights violations in relation to this murder and thousands of other murders. Marie’s evidence would have been crucial at winning a judgement against the Rajapaksa brothers in an international court of law. Sadly, what the Sri Lankan army attempted to do in the Vanni in 2001, the Syrians completed in 2012 in Homs.

RIP Marie, you will always live in the hearts of the Tamils.