Marie Colvin was:
An IAP before the concept became lingua franca
The quintessential kaleidoscopic personality
Always the chameleon
The midnight jet to anywhere just for a party
Friends with every man she loved
An enigma to family
Never defined by others
Intolerant of anyone who lost sight of their destiny
The Definition of the word “Empathetic”

Marie loved:
Watching the morning star fade
Scanning the horizon to capture the “green flash” at sunset
Intimate moments with friends, family and the children of her heart
The imploding world around her
Honesty, veracity, and unquestionable devotion to cause

In life Marie:
Wore the past loosely, like an outgrown gown
Sported an eye patch, lest she forget how fragile life is
Like the City of Paris; her politics had left and right banks
Believed in the philosophy of Teilhard de Chardin and the Liturgy of Nichiren Daishonin

My most treasured possession from Marie:
Is a photograph of a young Marie taken with a ten year old blond boy who is holding an Uzi machine gun and standing next to an Israeli soldier? On the back she wrote: “Sean Dwyer is a name you will need to grow into and it looks like you are on your way. Your Moms’ curly haired girlfriend, Marie”

My favorite quote from Marie:
“Some of life’s most enigmatic moments leap at you from places you thought you had fully investigated.” Prophetic!