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Marie Colvin made a very deep and lasting impression on all of us: her family, her friends, her colleagues, her international audience, and the innumerable victims of war, repression and disaster for whom she bore witness.

Please bring your memories of Marie to share with her family and everyone whose lives she touched.

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Inspired me to my future career choice!

I have loved reading and writing my entire life. However its only been the last six or seven years that I have realized I want to become a journalist. I want to be out there, put my life on the line to give a voice to those who don’t have a voice. My biggest hero and inspiration was Marie Colvin! She lost so much to her career before her death but still kept doing what she did. I may not have known her in person but I will miss her and I hope one day I can make her proud!


I Only Met Her Twice…

…and neither time in person. I met Marie through the words and eyes of her sister Cathleen…Cat. On those two occasions that Cat spoke of Marie her eyes lit up and she spoke with a voice full of love, wonderment, and joy. She didn’t speak about her for very long, but the message was clear.

Through Cat I met Marie twice and I’ll never forget it. The world as lost a superb journalist and greatly loved sister.


Photojournalist Alexandra Avakian recalls friend and mentor

Dear family of Marie,

Marie was my mentor and close friend from 1988-1996, after which I stopped photographing conflict after shattering my knee on assignment.

She was wonderful in so many ways. We had recently found each other again.

I’m so sorry she did not meet me in Oman for a story I asked her to join me on about sailing there.
I wrote this a couple days after her death:

“I am utterly sad that my old friend, mentor, and traveling companion of days gone by — the legendary war correspondent Marie Colvin — has died under fire in Homs, Syria, while reporting for the Sunday Times of London, her newspaper. I owe her undying gratitude for her influence on my career early on, and our unforgettable times together: especially in Tunis, Libya, Iraq, Iran, Jerusalem and the West Bank. We recently spoke of meeting in Oman soon. I’m so sorry. Love to you Marie.”

You may also want to read my blog post for Oct. 20, 2011, with a story about me and Marie, flying into Libya on Yasser Arafat’s plane and meeting with Colonel Qaddafi. See also our New York Times Magazine cover story for that journey, which was our first together.

Thank you, Alexandra Avakian


She lived up the hill from me as kids

She was one who stood alone. In that I mean she was outstanding in my memory from early on. We went to grammar school through high school. Marie had a quiet kindness that is my memory. Oddly I remember her walk, yes strange as this sounds. She walked with her fingers stuck in her front pockets taking short steps not long strides that she could easily have done. Marie was tall as am I. Had no contact since high school. Always held in esteem she was. Her humbled power will not go forgotten. Admired she is. May her journey be remembered… Mary Lou, Oyster Bay


Kosovo to Homs, via Vanni

On behalf of all Tamils from Eelam, condolences to Marie’s mother, family and friends.

Marie was not an average journalist; she was brave, full of humanity and always reporting from the “other side,” else whe would have ventured into conflict areas such as Chechnya, Kosovo, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka and East Timor. In doing so she put her life at great peril. Losing her left eye due to a blast by a Sri Lankan Army soldier while crossing from the LTTE controlled area to a Government controlled area did not deter her. She tried to mediate the surrender of senior LTTE personnel, but it ended in tragedy with them being murdered in cold blood. Today, the Sri Lankan government stands accused of human rights violations in relation to this murder and thousands of other murders. Marie’s evidence would have been crucial at winning a judgement against the Rajapaksa brothers in an international court of law. Sadly, what the Sri Lankan army attempted to do in the Vanni in 2001, the Syrians completed in 2012 in Homs.

RIP Marie, you will always live in the hearts of the Tamils.


We will never forget you Marie

I just wanted to say that we thank Marie from the bottom of our hearts, we Syrian people will always remember her great contribution to the Syrian revolution .. we will always remember that there is someone scarified their own life to tell the world the truth of the syrian regime …

She was an angel who went there to help people and spread peace ..

I am so sorry for the loss of the family and I will always pray for her soul to rest in peace ..

Thank you Marie …


From East Norwich, now in Abu Dhabi

Marie was stunning, in all ways imaginable. The world grieves for her.



To darling Marie!

Mariam’s mum’s gratefulness for Marie’s and Mariam’s friendship!

with much love, Mariam’s mum!



Marie Colvin was:
An IAP before the concept became lingua franca
The quintessential kaleidoscopic personality
Always the chameleon
The midnight jet to anywhere just for a party
Friends with every man she loved
An enigma to family
Never defined by others
Intolerant of anyone who lost sight of their destiny
The Definition of the word “Empathetic”

Marie loved:
Watching the morning star fade
Scanning the horizon to capture the “green flash” at sunset
Intimate moments with friends, family and the children of her heart
The imploding world around her
Honesty, veracity, and unquestionable devotion to cause

In life Marie:
Wore the past loosely, like an outgrown gown
Sported an eye patch, lest she forget how fragile life is
Like the City of Paris; her politics had left and right banks
Believed in the philosophy of Teilhard de Chardin and the Liturgy of Nichiren Daishonin

My most treasured possession from Marie:
Is a photograph of a young Marie taken with a ten year old blond boy who is holding an Uzi machine gun and standing next to an Israeli soldier? On the back she wrote: “Sean Dwyer is a name you will need to grow into and it looks like you are on your way. Your Moms’ curly haired girlfriend, Marie”

My favorite quote from Marie:
“Some of life’s most enigmatic moments leap at you from places you thought you had fully investigated.” Prophetic!


People who make this world a better place to live – Marie Colvin

It is people like Marie Colvin who make this world a better place to live. They bring attention to the plight and suffering of voiceless people, to give them a chance, albeit a tiny chance. She did this for the Tamils of Sri Lanka, losing an eye in the process. Now she has done it for the Syrian people, having given her life in the process. When one’s heart aches and is energized into action for another human in another country, another continent, that is what humanity is all about. Marie Colvin was that wonderful human. God bless her soul.

–Kumar Kumarappan

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